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How to use OTTM


This tool is able to sharply narrow the range of candidate proteins worth further validation, via two steps of drug availability check and existing evidence check. First step, OTTM rules out the candidate proteins with no corresponding FDA-approved nor clinical drugs, based on existing drug-target pairs information. Second step, OTTM rules out the candidate proteins that have been previously reported relevant to the disease that users intend to explore. Taken together, starting from the thousands of candidate genes or proteins identified by omics data, this tool OTTM provide a list of candidate proteins, which not only have available FDA-approved or clinical drugs, but also are previously unknown to be relevant to the disease that users focus on. Finally, users might discover active drugs as well as novel therapeutic targets from the list recommended by OTTM.


Step 1

Download OTTM_AD_20230320.zip , OTTM_LP_20230320.zip and unzip them into the same folder

Step 2

Place the proteomics data in txt format in the unpacked OTTM_LP_20230320 folder

Step 3

Run the program and view the results in a folder named output(Program specific operation view pdf file)

OTTM Screen Recording Video

Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Sciences