Using OTTER on this Web-Server

1. You need to upload your Gene List File, Keyword File, and Nodes Number File to submit Job :

Please upload your Gene List here :

Please upload your Keyword File here :

Please upload your Nodes Number File here :

File Names Note :
To avoid file overwriting between different users, it is recommended to upload your input files as the following naming format :
"Job_Name_Gene_List.txt", "Job_Name_Keyword.txt", "Job_Name_Nodes_Num.txt";
It is recommended to provide Job_Name as "User Name" + "Job Date", for example "Jack_220701".
Then your uploaded files should be "Jack_220701_Gene_List.txt", "Jack_220701_Keyword.txt", and "Jack_220701_Nodes_Num.txt";

2. Example Input Files are provided bellow for your reference :

Example Gene List File :
Tamoxifen Gene List

Example Keyword File :
Tamoxifen Keyword File

Example Nodes Number File :
Tamoxifen Nodes Num File

You can download these three Example Input Files, and upload them to test the online usage of OTTER.

3. Once finished, you can download your Output Charts and Table using the Links bellow:

Output Files Download Note :
The job running time depends on the length of job queue. Typically, if there is no problem with the files you have uploaded, 24 hours later you can paste the above Output Charts and Table Links to your web-browser and view the results. Don't forget to replace the Job_Name and Nodes_Num in the above links with the actual names you have used.

Academic users can use Output Charts and Tables of OTTER in publication or presentation.

Correspondence : Dr. Hao Zhang, Chemical Biology Research Center

Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Sciences