Download the data files and program to run OTTER on your computers.

The download of local version OTTER includes three categories: PubMed Abstract Data, ID-converting Index Tables, and Executable Programs for Linux Servers or Windows PC.

1. PubMed abstracts Data Files

These 12 *.zip data files contain 1200 batches (30,000 entries per batch) of plain-text abstracts information extracted from the 1200 *.XML files (From pubmed21n0001.xml to pubmed21n1200.xml), which were downloaded from PubMed FTP server.

2. ID-converting indexing Data Files

Users of OTTER provide list of differentially expressed genes or proteins, as a list of Gene Symbol. OTTER needs to convert Gene Symbols to PubMed IDs for every gene or protein.

3. Executable programs of OTTER on Linux Servers and Windows PC

In addition to the above A01-A12 abstracts data files, and ID-converting index tables, users need to download the executable programs to run OTTER on local Linux server or Windows PC.

Academic users can use Output Charts and Tables of OTTER in publication or presentation.

Correspondence : Dr. Hao Zhang, Chemical Biology Research Center

Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Sciences